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Anti-Microbial PVC Wall Covering

BioClad® Hygienic Antimicrobial wall cladding revolutionises hygienic spaces by incorporating BioCote® technology to reduce microbes by 99.9%. BioClad® leads the way in creating hygienic spaces for leading brands in health, food, education, leisure, pharmaceuticals. BioClad® hygienic wall cladding products are designed to fight bacteria and microbes to uphold a fully hygienic environment.

BioClad’s antimicrobial hygienic cladding solutions inhibit bacteria growth 24/7 and have been tested to reduce microbes by 99.9% in just two hours. BioCote® technology works to enhance the hygienic qualities of your real life environment and carries a lifetime guarantee. The products contain zero VOCs and can achieve a class 0 fire rating. Available in an array of colours and finishes, easy to clean, watertight and durable, antimicrobial hygienic cladding is perfect for a number of areas ranging from operating theatres to commercial kitchens and wetrooms.

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