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QCON Backer Rod

Backer rod is flexible, readily compressible, and non-cross linked closed-cell polyethylene back-up filler for elastomeric sealants, supplied in roll form. The product is designed for the use in the construction/expansion joint filler in concrete, brick and block work.


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AED 62.35

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Use Backer Rod as a bond breaker to prevent sealant adhering to the wrong surface (concrete or organic joint filler). It is light and durable material with excellent shock absorbing and heat insulating properties. It is compatible with most known cold applied sealants such as urethane, silicone, acrylic, butyl, polysulfides, latex, and chinking sealants.

Specific Uses

• Expansion joints

• Highway Joints

• Glazing

• Log home chinking

• Parking Decks

• Curtain Walls

• Coping Joints

• Isolation Joints

• Temporary Joint Seal

• Perimeter of window and door frames

• Pre-cast panels


• Economical

• Easy to install

• Readily compressible

• Root proof and non-absorbent

• Provides bond breaker and minimum strain shape for joint sealants

• Provides a firm backing for sealant tooling


• Form : Compressible Closed Cell Foam circular cords

• Durability : Excellent dimensional stability

• Excellent water absorption : Negligible

• Color : White & Grey

• Size : From 6 mm to 100 MM


QCON Backer Rod

QCON Backer Rod

Price From: AED 62.35


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